Discover the new opportunities for passive income!

The Logo of SwiftBase

What is SwiftBase?

SwiftBase is a decentralized crypto token on the Polygon blockchain that focuses on generating passive income.
With functions such as HolderReward or Staking, it is possible to increase your SwiftBase tokens and generate the passive income.

About Us

Hi, I'm CryptoSilas, the founder of SwiftBase! I am a 21 year old developer. I've been studying computer science for almost 2 years. The idea of ​​SwiftBase came to me one day when I was looking for ways to earn money passively on the Internet. I didn't really find a good way, so I made one!


Community building and marketing

2/4 2022

SwiftBase Launch

3/4 2022

Coingecko & CoinMarketCap Support

4/4 2022